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"I was extremely nervous about the exam, and having Tommy as a tutor took some of that pressure away because I knew I was doing everything I could do to prepare … Hands down, I would recommend Tommy's tutoring services to anyone nervous about the bar. In my opinion, Tommy is one of the leading experts on the bar exam prep."

- July 2019 successful examinee

"I had taken the bar 3 times prior to Tommy's tips. Failed by half a point. His tactics on how to attack bar questions and personal study plan helped me pass the bar by over 40 points! He instilled supreme confidence for me and I would recommend his services to EVERYONE."

- February 2017 successful examinee

"I passed the bar exam because I had the great fortune to be tutored by Professor Sangchompuphen!  He quickly identified the areas in which I needed to focus my attention and designed a study plan that was tailored to prepare me to pass the bar exam. My writing skills improved dramatically. He taught me the skills needed to attack the Bar exam and I enjoyed working with him. In addition, Professor Sangchompuphen instilled confidence in me, which I lacked after my experience with not passing the bar exam previously. After law school, the best and smartest investment you can make is to work with Professor Sangchompuphen."

- July 2016 successful examinee

"The goat of MCQ, IRAC, CREAC, and The Bar Exam."

- July 2015 successful examinee

“Tommy was very effective, sincere and direct with his comments during the tutoring sessions. He constantly pinged me about my progress thereby helping me keep my pace while progressing towards the finishing line while studying for the bar exam. Preparing for his weekly essays, writing practice essays and reviewing the model answers with him helped me generate a lot of confidence which I needed on top of the BARBRI and PMBR preparation, I was doing simultaneously. Preparing for essays is the key to passing the MN bar exam and I think I made the best choice in selecting Tommy to help me with that task.

 - February 2007 successful examinee

“ ... Tommy’s assistance was invaluable. He was extremely flexible with his schedule and provided the following tips for writing passing essays: formatting and organizing the essays ... using key words to signify each paragraph as a specific portion of CRAC ... explaining the difference between writing an essay answer for the bar exam and writing an essay answer for law school.”

- July 2004 successful examinee

“ ... Tommy’s comments and constructive criticism were always worded in a positive manner, which made me feel confident that I could write the essays and continue to improve.”

- July 2004 successful examinee

“ ... I found [Tommy’s] essay and MPT strategies to be very helpful and insightful. His comments on the practice essay exams enabled me to successfully prepare for the essay and MPT portion of the exam.”

- July 2003 successful examinee

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