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What Shark Week Can Teach Bar Exam Takers

Shark Week is an annual, week-long TV programming block on the Discovery Channel, which features shark-based content, such as documentaries, specials, and films. It aims to raise awareness about sharks, their behavior, and conservation efforts. Shark Week has become a cultural phenomenon, often associated with excitement, danger, and the unknown depths of the ocean.

Here are some creative ways to connect Shark Week themes with important legal concepts bar exam takers need to know:



A beach resort failed to post warning signs about frequent shark sightings in the area. A guest at the resort was attacked by a shark while swimming. The guest sues the resort for negligence. Is the resort liable?




Another guest, while swimming, intentionally provokes a shark by poking it with a stick. The shark reacts and bites another swimmer. The swimmer sues the guest for battery. Is the guest liable?


Torts—Assumption of Risk:


Several vacationers participating in a shark cage diving tour sign a waiver acknowledging the risks involved. One diver gets injured when a shark bites through the cage. The diver sues the diving company for her injuries. Is the diving company liable?


Contracts—Release of Liability:


Before embarking on a shark diving expedition, several vacationers sign a waiver releasing the company from liability for any injuries. During the dive, one of the vacationers is injured due to a faulty cage. The vacationer sues the company for damages. Is the waiver of release enforceable?


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