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Top Blog Posts of 2023

As we say farewell to 2023, let's take a look at the Top 10 most visited blog posts in 2023:


1.  July 2023 Bar Exam Results (Oct. 30, 2023)


Excerpt: “As we wait for the California bar exam results to be released on November 9, here’s the latest update to my first-time bar passage rates comparisons.”


Excerpt: “Never in my ‘Wildest Dreams’ would I have thought about filling some ‘Blank Space’ in a blog for law students and bar examinees to talk about Taylor Swift. But ‘Look At What You Made Me Do,’ Peloton People podcast! Here are ‘Fifteen’ (see what I did there!) of T’s songs and how I’ve tied them back to an important legal concept or study tip that can help you on the bar exam.”



Excerpt: “’From The Vault’” tracks are songs that were written while Swift was making the first version of 1989 but were left off the final record. Of course, it’s only appropriate I take a look at these five ‘vault’ tracks and try to tie each one back to some legal concept or principle that law students and examinees need to know for the bar exam.”



Excerpt: “Understand that you should not strive for perfection during your studies. Hear me out.”



Excerpt: “Just like how I can’t outrun a bad diet, one can’t outperform bad study habits. (You can’t imagine the number of times I’ve heard students say, ‘I didn’t attend three years of law school just to fail the bar exam.’ These ill-fated individuals incorrectly believe they can simply rely on willpower to pass the bar exam without realistically assessing their study habits.)”



Excerpt: “What if bar exam subjects were foods during a Thanksgiving Day meal? What subject would be the turkey, and which subjects would be the side dishes? Here’s my Thanksgiving Day take.”



Excerpt: “ … yesterday’s announcement reiterates that the timeline to develop a final, scoreable question on the MBE prevents any recent SCOTUS decisions to appear on the February 2023 bar exam except as unscored, ‘pretest’ questions.”



Excerpt: “I have always found the timing of the bar exam a bit curious because the last Tuesday and Wednesday in July or February can mean a difference of an additional week of studying in some years.”



Excerpt: “This morning, however, I did ask ChatGPT how to prepare for the BARBRI Simulated MBE exam that many of you will taking this week. Some of the tips ChatGPT provided were actually tips on what to do after the exam. Still, it's interesting to examine what ChatGPT ‘said.’ Here are ChatGPT’s responses and my thoughts about the AI-generated tips …”



Excerpt: “Here are seven more of T-Swift’s songs (Numbers 16 through 22)—and what you can take away from them for bar exam purposes.”




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